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PVS-14 Carson Housing

PVS-14 Carson Housing

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The absolute gold standard of Night Vision. The PVS-14 is utilised by countless countries throughout the world currently and in past as the primary helmet mounted night vision for law enforcement and military.

Manufactured in the US, this housing meets military specifications (mil-spec) and has fantastic performance. 

The kit includes PVS-14 (no IIT), Carson objective and eyepiece lens, soft carry case, skullcrusher head mount, J-arm, demist shield, rubber eyecup and retainer, sacrificial lens.


- Auto stow shut off when used with the correct J-arm and mount.

- Manual gain when utilised with manual gain image intensifier tubes.

- On/Off rotary switch

- IR illuminator

- Powered by a single AA battery.

Make sure you are purchasing the correct helmet mount for use with the appropriate J-arm!

We have DOVETAIL J-arms in stock here!
Compatible with: Argus LWNVM, Wilcox G24, Norotos Lo-Sto, etc.


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