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Mod Armory IC Dovetail J-Arm for PVS-14

Mod Armory IC Dovetail J-Arm for PVS-14

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The MOD Armory Integrated Components PVS-14 J Arm is a minimalist mounting solution for your PVS-14 monocular. It is a no frills solution with no fancy features, just good construction with quality materials, and simplistic but smooth swivel operation. There is no detent or push button as on a Wilcox arm, this arm is an adjustable friction arm. The arm is able to articulate to both sides, as well as slightly up and out of the way for stowage.


- Weight: Dovetail: 1.58 oz.

- Material Construction: Type III anodized, Light Weight, Aerospace Grade Metals, and High Wear Resistant Delrin

- Accommodates NVG AN/PVS-14 Suite and many other monoculars with J arm port

- Friction setting allows easy travel (Left or Right Eye) without having to adjust a knob

100% Made in the U.S.A.

This mount is only compatible with DOVETAIL helmet mounts. It will not be compatible with BAYONET mounts

Note: Due to the mounting surface on this arm, it is not recommended for use with the Nocturn Industries Tanto monocular.


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