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  • Serviced in house

    All of our devices are assembled, tested and waterproofed in our workshop based in Melbourne, Australia.
    All devices we sell are tested on both a custom made precision digital nitrogen purging unit, made in Austria, and a Litton Electrical analog night vision purge and leak device, allowing us to accurately cross examine any errors which may occur. Customers who have bought devices from us previously may access our services for free.
    Collimation is done through another custom device which allows us to accurately collimate and bore sight binocular and monocular systems.

  • Professional standards

    With years of experience in the Night Vision industry as hobbyists, and now retailers, all of our devices must meet certain requirements before being shipped to a customer. We would never sell a customer a product which we ourselves would not use.


    Every device is cleaned using proper equipment and assembled to ensure no dust, grime or other substances interfere with operation.


    We strive to have phenomenal relationships with our customers and maintain clarity about devices and components we sell. Thank you everyone for your support.


Interested in upgrading? Need a purge or collimation service? Want a build done?

We are happy to help! Send us an e-mail of what you would like to trade in and we can help you out!


    Photonis IIT's have been a staple for the majority of Law Enforcement and Militaries residing outside of the US for years.
    Whilst not a particularly budget option, we consider these to be the best performing tubes we currently sell.

  • Want a demonstration?

    We currently offer live demonstrations to any MIL/LEO customers, however for local customers in Melbourne, Australia, feel free to contact us and we will try provide a demonstration of the products you are interested in.


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Our Brands

We are proudly partnered with OPFOR NIGHT SOLUTIONS in Canada