How does the rental process work?

Rental units are only granted to customers under very strict conditions. We do not send rental units internationally, they are only available to Australian customers.

Each unit will require a $1200 deposit, which must be paid before the item is sent. Once the device has been tested and checked for any damage or misuse, the deposit is repaid, typically within 1 business day.

By request, helmet set ups and relevant accessories can be provided for additional cost of $100 flat - regardless of which device is used, as we will set the helmet up in accordance to what the device requires to be used comfortably.

We have outlined a guide to be approved for the rental process below.

  • 1) Choose one of the following devices below to rent

    - BNVD-1431 Mk.II w/ RPO 3.0 lenses / NNVT-5 White Phosphor IIT

    Currently not available

    - PVS-14 MNVD w/ NNVT-4 Autogated White Phosphor IIT
    $400 / 3 Nights | $600 / 5 Nights

    - Jerry CE5 Thermal Clip On (available with PVS-14 or PVS-31 mounting brackets)
    $500 / 3 Nights $650 / 5 Nights

    - Pfalcon640+ Thermal Monocular
    $500 / 3 Nights $650 / 5 Nights

    - Argus PNVG w/ NNVT-5 Autogated Green Phosphor
    Currently not available

  • 2) Once chosen, send us an email with the following information
    Indicate which device you would like to rent and for what amount of time.
    You must attach a valid ID, such as a drivers license, passport or other.

    You must send a photo of the ID by itself, clearly readable, as well as a photo of yourself holding the ID next to your face.

  • 3) We will send you a rental agreement form which you must then sign and return to us.
    Must be completed within 2 business days of being emailed to you.

  • 4) We will then ship your item out for you to use.
    It is advised that you photograph the unit & set up when it arrives and before usage. We will do the same, before sending the products.

  • 5) Once your last night of usage is completed, you must repackage the item and attach the shipping label provided to you.
    We will include a return label inside the package.

  • 6) Ship the item back to us by delivering it to your local post office.
    Must be handed over to the post office within 1 business day of the rental term being finalised.