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NNVT Image Intensifier Tubes

NNVT Image Intensifier Tubes

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Available on backorder, 1-2 weeks.

GP Defect IIT have been in high demand as of 21/01/24 and now have a waiting time of approximately 6-7 weeks.

WP Defect IIT have been in high demand as of 04.12.23 and have a lead time of approximately 16 weeks. Therefore, any customers willing to purchase must send a direct email as they will not be sold on the store until stock is available.

A fantastic entry level tube. We offer this with all of our goggle systems. 

We offer these in P45 White Phosphor, and P43 Green Phosphor. 

These tubes are in the MX10160 format. All tubes have autogain and utilise the standard 2-pin contacts, aside from the 3-plate NVT-5 variant which is manual gain.

All of our tubes come with specification sheets, aside from our defect tubes. Examples of "defects" can be found on image slide 5. We strongly recommend these to budget customers or those who do not care about a specification sheet. We hand select defects from the factory to be as minimal or unnoticeable as possible. These tubes are marked as defects due to not meeting spot requirements from the factory, and do not have any PSU or internal issues.

If the tubes are on backorder, an export permit can be issued concurrently while stock comes in. 

All of our NNVT tubes come with at minimum 6-month warranty. For more information, click here.

For hand select image intensifiers, please contact us!

For build options with defect tubes, contact us

This product is regulated under DEC (Defence Export Controls), but is able to be exported. View FAQ for more information.


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