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RPO 3.0 Lens Pair

RPO 3.0 Lens Pair

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Rochester Precision Optics 3.0

Rochester Precision Optics is one of the most well known manufacturers for night vision lens systems worldwide. They manufacture lenses for the PVS-31A's and GPNVG-18's, two of the most sought after and dependable units in the world, used by SOF, LEO and the like.

These lenses are dubbed the RPO 3.0's, compatible with any unit that uses PVS-14 lenses. They are extremely lightweight and low profile, which requires them to be used with a custom diopter assembly, included for free.

RPO 3.0 vs Carson lenses - Weight
Note: The diopter used was the ONS 3D Optimised Diopter.

 Carson RPO  Weight Reduction
Objective and Eyepiece (O-Rings, no Diopter) 96 g 60 g - 36 g
Objective and Eyepiece (O-Rings, with Diopter) 116 g 68 g - 48 g

This means that on a unit utilising RPO 3.0 lenses with the ONS diopters, you are saving 48 grams on a monocular set up and 96 grams on a binocular. Whilst sounding fairly insignificant, each gram added onto your helmet set up will accumulate overtime and cause discomfort.

How's the quality compared to US Milspec (Carson)?

RPO lenses have a very slight increase in light transmission, however have a slightly higher glare due to the lack of anti-reflective coating on the eyepieces. 

RPO have higher Zone 1 resolution, and slightly increased Zone 3 distortion. However, it should be noted that Carson lenses produce a 40° FOV, whereas RPO produce a slightly higher ~41° FOV. 

Are these differences noticeable? Not really. Unless you have spent hundreds of hours using a variety of nods, you will not notice the difference in performance. 

What is noticeable however, is the weight reduction savings which is the main attraction of these lenses.

For a full comparison, we strongly recommend looking over these articles.

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Credit to OPFOR Night Solutions Corp for their testing and comparisons.


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