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What's up with Night Vision in Australia?

Night Vision in Australia has long been misconstrued by retailers as well as any hobbyists as a niche, obsolete area with various claims of legality of such devices.

Well, we are here with good news. To start, Night Vision and Thermal devices in Australia are completely legal to own and use, however may be illegal when hunting in certain states. Thermal scopes and spotting devices have been very popular among hunters and pest controllers with larger pockets for many years, and rightfully so. It is the unfair advantage that allows all users to spot and track their targets or game more effectively. Night vision however, has never taken off in Australia. Some retailers sell digital scopes, which are largely limited in capability and outrageous in price for what they are. Analog devices such as scopes and goggles are found even less frequently, with monocular, binocular and quad devices being hidden away by hobbyist users and DIY enthusiasts.

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Some individuals with an interest in analog systems end up browsing US sites, and are deterred by ITAR, which is a system which legally prevents certain devices, components and accessories from leaving the confines of the United States unless previously authorised by the US Government. Individuals see these sites, realise they cannot export and give up. 

Our goal is to change this, by providing ITAR free systems which are available to users world wide. Not only do we hold export permits for Australia to legally export certain devices, but we also hold permits for the United States which allows us to stock popular US made components such as housings and lenses.

There is an extreme lack of knowledge and supply in Australia, which is what we aim to change. 

Thank you for everyone who has supported us, and please stay tuned for our next product line ups. We have very exciting options coming soon to the store.

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