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PVS-14 Carson NNVT-4 WP

PVS-14 Carson NNVT-4 WP

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This is a customer trade in PVS-14 Carson Milspec  with a dual AA battery housing. It is in very good condition and has been refurbished by us. 

It uses Carson Milspec lenses, manufactured by Qioptiq. Their performance is roughly equivical to the Fujinon lenses we sell, as they both conform to Milspec standards. The eyepiece has slight scratches which are imperceptible during use.

The IIT included is a MX10160 NNVT-4 export variant, known as the YJ-2, with a rough FOM of 1500. Unfortunately, this unit does not come with a specification sheet for the IIT. The tube is P45 White Phosphor non-gated with autogain.

The tube is in extremely good condition, with no blemishes, spots or other defects.

No spare accessories are included. No warranty is offered for this item, however our return policy still applies.


- Powered by 2x AA battery for prolonged usage.

- White Phosphor 1500FOM IIT.

- IR Illuminator

- Manual gain, if a manual gain tube is installed.

This product is regulated under DEC (Defence Export Controls), but is able to be exported. View FAQ for more information.


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