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ONSC Padded Optics Defender (POD)

ONSC Padded Optics Defender (POD)

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The POD (Padded Optics Defender) and POD-Mini are multi utility, padded, protective pouches for sensitive optical equipment such as nightvision goggles, thermal imaging equipment, and camera lenses.

These pouches were designed by Opfor Night Solutions Corp to address needs in our use cases: night vision use in the field, range trips, backpacking, and travelling/lifestyle.

Our POD and POD-Mini are designed with one main compartment with a back mounted internal mesh pocket for batteries, lens cloths, etc. and a larger utility compartment at the top which can fit larger accessories such as cleaning pens and clip on thermal imagers. The large utility compartment can be accessed both from the outside via the top flap, and from the inside of the main compartment via an internal "L" zipper.

In our design we utilized a woven MOLLE compatible design for attachment to belts, carriers, and packs. The POD takes up 3x3 MOLLE spaces whereas the POD-Mini uses a 2x3 grid. Integral to the design was also a large 3" belt loop located behind the MOLLE panel. This allows for easy waist carriage of nightvision devices for short outings, or camera lens storage for photo ops.

Dimensions: 5" Height x 5" Width x 4" Outward Length
Fits all standard sized binocular systems such as Artemis, RNVG, AVS-6/9, Sentinel

Dimensions: 5" Height x 4" Width x 3.5" Outward Length
Fits all standard sized monoculars, as well as smaller binoculars such as PVS-31A, BNVD-1431 Mk.II, ARNVG/RNVG-A, DTNVG/DTNVS

To support economic recovery, these pouches are made in Ukraine.

Key Features

  • Wide variety of patterns available
  • Three padded layers of soft foam and rigid plastic to offer protection while maintaining form
  • External face made from Cordura with soft inner liner
  • MOLLE compatible
  • Built in belt loop
  • Built for both deployment and lifestyle
  • Designed in Canada by Opfor Night Solutions Corp
  • Made in Ukraine


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