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Wilcox G24 Mount

Wilcox G24 Mount

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One of the most utilised and battle proven helmet mounts worldwide, we are proud to offer the G24. Wilcox mounts are leading in the NV industry and pioneered the break-away feature, which allows users to protect their neck and head from potential injuries when their NV device is caught on ropes, branches or anything which can get in the way.

It allows the mount to easily detach from the shroud. Coupled with a retention lanyard, your nods and most importantly, neck and head will be safe from potential injury.

The G24 can be mounted onto a standard helmet shroud and allows the user to adjust their devices on any axis to fit their eyes and head.


- Breakaway option

- Dovetail mounting interface

- Push button stow

- Tilt adjustment

- Forward, backward and vertical adjustment.


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