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Argus Lightweight PVS-14 Lenses (Pair)

Argus Lightweight PVS-14 Lenses (Pair)

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Includes one pair of objective + eyepiece

Argus PVS-14 Lightweight lenses provide users with a constantly available alternative to Carson, saving cost and weight.

We found that Argus lenses maintain approximately 90% of Carson lenses clarity and optical performance.

They have far less lens flare than RPO 3.0, as well as edge distortion.

They maintain a high center resolution, meeting milspec resolution quality as determined by a Hoffman ANV-126A.

Argus PVS-14 lenses are incredibly lightweight, sitting at -
Eyepiece: 46grams
Objective: 30 grams

Compared to RPO and Carson at -
RPO 3.0 Eyepiece w/ONSC Lightweight Diopter: 34grams
RPO 3.0 Objective: 37 grams

Fujinon (Carson) Eyepiece: 78grams
Fujinon (Carson) Objective: 53grams


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