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Argus Panoramic Night Vision Goggle (APNVG) Housing

Argus Panoramic Night Vision Goggle (APNVG) Housing

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Available on pre-order. Approximately 6 weeks.

Full APNVG builds will have priority until more housings become available.

Currently out of stock (31st March, 2024) NO ETA


The Argus Panoramic Nightvision Goggle (APNVG) is a panoramic goggle system that increases a user's field of view from a typical 40 degree monocular or binocular system up to 100 degrees. The APNVG uses four image intensifier tubes in order to provide the increased field of view without decreasing system resolution or compromising collimation.

As the two center tubes are parallel and point forward, the center tubes will provide depth perception and increased perceived resoution and acuity through by providing stereoscopic vision. The outboard pointing tubes on each side will provide additional peripheral vision to the side that they are on, thus the user will perceive three circular fields of view.

We have received many enquiries into the quality of the lenses compared to other Milspec systems from Carson Industries, and we are more than proud to say that these are of extremely high quality - being able to differentiate LP/mm at Group 5, Element 5, on a Hoffman ANV-126A Resolution Test - the same resolution as a typical milspec system.

We strongly advise against home-brew builds for this product, as it is not only frustrating and difficult, but can lead to some expensive damages if not left in knowledgeable hands. As such, we provide completely free housing upgrades for customers wanting to install 4 of their own tubes.

These upgrades are performed on a state of the art Hoffman ANV-126A Night Vision testing kit by our partners at ONSC Canada. We facilitate all logistics and orders for customers wanting to go this route. Please send us an email after purchasing in order for us to arrange shipment of your tubes and complete build once finished.


The APNVG is powered using external power from a Fischer plug, an Argus Universal Strobe Battery Pack (USBP) is included with each APNVG.


  • 100 Degree Field of View for increased user awareness
  • High resolution lens system
  • Fully collimating lens system
  • Waterproof - 2 meters for 30 minutes
  • Warranted for 5 years against manufacturing defects - physical damage and improper assembly/disassembly are not covered

Package Includes:

  • Hard Carrying Case
  • Argus Universal Strobe Battery Pack
  • High Light Filters
  • Custom TAS Microfibre Cleaning Cloth


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