- Is Night Vision Legal in Australia?

Absolutely. Despite what other websites claim, there are currently no laws against owning Night Vision devices in Australia.

However, there are laws against using Night Vision whilst hunting in most states, as they are classified as 'Spotlights'.

For Victorian residents, this means Night Vision cannot be used or possessed in Recognised Deer Habitat whilst in possession of a firearm. It is a punishable offence.

- Can I import or export my Night Vision from Australia?

Currently, Image Intensifier Tubes are regulated under Defence Export Controls and require a permit or license to export.

You may import IIT's, but cannot export without facing a fine or other penalties.

- Do you export?


There is however a waiting period due to an export permit needing to be filed with Defence Export Controls. This only applies to controlled items, shown on the product page.

If a customer wishes to buy specific products and resides outside of a country specified on the FCL (Foreign Country List) you must fill out a permit which we will help with upon placement of order.

Products which require this will have an indication in their description.

- I need an item not listed on your store. Can you help?


E-Mail us with your requirements for a build, device, parts, and we will help you in providing these to you if possible.

- I have some components but want a build done, can I send them to you and have a unit built?

Yes, please see our services page and contact us with more information.

If you have tubes, lenses, or a housing and want to purchase components from us, we are happy for you to send us your parts and assemble it into a full, ready to use unit.

This includes collimation and purging.

- Do you offer a trade-in program?

Absolutely. Please send us a message with a detailed description of your unit and what you would like in order for us to arrange something.

Customers who have purchased from us previously are favoured.

Customers who own an LLI Aeternus may trade theirs in for store credit to purchase an LLUL-21.

- How does the shipping process work?

All of our items, unless otherwise indicated, ship the next day via Australia Post Express or DHL International, whichever is selected by the customer at checkout.

Pre-order or items with a lead time have their wait times indicated on the product pages.

Items which are export controlled, as indicated on their product pages, require a permit which can take up to 10-12 days. After this time has elapsed, the devices/parts are shipped via the selected courier.

- What is the importance of Nitrogen Purging?

Nitrogen purging is an extremely important part of assembling and building any type of night vision device.

It allows the builder to test for leaks and vacuum seal the device, ensuring it is waterproof and leak-free.

Air is vacuumed out of the device, until the builder can ensure the device can hold a certain pressure, which then allows us to pump nitrogen gas into the device therefore preventing the goggles from forming any condensation or moisture on electronics, lenses or tubes.

It is recommended to have each device re-purged every 6-12 months.

For Navy customers, specifically divers, please note that as per US. MIL requirements it is imperative to purge devices every time before underwater usage for optimal performance.

- What brands do you stock?

See below.
We are also proudly partnered with Opfor Night Solutions Corp in Canada.

- What about taxes?

Taxes, such as import taxes are not covered by us. If you see on a product page “Tax included” it is likely a bug with our currency converter, and we would appreciate if you let us know.

For local customers, GST tax is displayed and charged for each product.

- What about insurance?

Insurance is handled by Route Package Protection - customers can choose to have their items insured to the full amount, covering damage, loss and theft.

Please see here for more information

Our Brands

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